Saturday, July 19, 2014

Curious Tucker's 3rd Birthday

This past week I mentioned that I love making cakes for my repeat customers and Mr. Tucker is one of them. I have made the last two cakes and had the honor of making his third birthday cake. This years theme was Tucker's favorite character...Curious George. We had lots of goodies displayed for Tucker's party table. Check out the photos from todays celebration.


Thank You TUCKER for inviting us to celebrate your third birthday!
We look forward to celebrating with you next year.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Luke's 5th Birthday!

Last Sunday, Luke celebrated his 5th birthday and what better way to do it than with Dark Vader and a master Jedi.

Luke was surprised to see his special guests who were in search of recruits looking to join the force. He was given several test to determine if he was the next Jedi. One test was for Luke to battle Vader in a light saber test, and he passed.
Luke's mom did a wonderful job with the decorating. From party favors to naming food trays after StarWars characters the house looked out of this world!


Once again we were asked to decorate and make Luke's cake and treat table. The only request Luke had for his cake was that certain characters must be on it. So I went to work locating each and every one. I even found a Dark Vader with a removable helmet. I think I scored extra brownie points when I let Luke in on this secret. Check out the pictures of Luke's cake table.


As always it was a pleasure to be part of Luke's celebration. We thank you for having us and we hope you had an enjoyable and rememberable 5th birthday Luke!



Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Monstrous 3rd Birthday!

Its been awhile since we have posted a new blog and what better way than to start back up again than with a post on our nephews 3rd birthday. If you remember last year we posted some picture from his Curious George 2nd birthday. This year its all about Monster Trucks! In our family Monster Jam is a yearly event that the guys attend. This coming February 2014 Raulito will attend his first ever Monster Jam. Ever since our nephew was introduced to Monster Trucks he has been hooked. So for this years birthday they decided to celebrate Monster Truck style. Check out the pictures from his celebration this past weekend.

Thanks for having us! We had a MONSTROUS good time!
Happy 3rd Birthday Raulito!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Noah Is ONE!

I am so excited to share this whimsical, fun, and downright adorable Dr. Seuss themed first birthday. There is so much creative inspiration that can be drawn from Dr. Seuss, and Ramona did a wonderful job bringing different characters and stories to life for Noah's first birthday.


                                                         Thing ONE and Thing TWO cupcakes

      Sugar cookies (fish theme)

                                                                   Noah's smash cake

                                     Ramona has a beautiful spread of Dr. Seuss themed food.
                              "Green eggs and ham"and "Hortons burgers" just to name a few.

                                                             Noah's Birthday Chair!

                                                            Daddy, Noah, and Mommy

                                                               Me, Noah and Ramona        

Noah enjoying his smash cake

A big THANKS to the Bashara Family for having us
 create sweets for an unforgettable first birthday!


- Dr. Seuss (Happy Birthday to You)